Monday, February 8, 2010

Guest Blogger and Profile on your Blogger Holly Bingham

With your resident blogger on a break this week, I wanted to take the opportunity to profile my daughter and D&E Social Media Associate, Holly Bingham.

Over a year ago, Holly approached me about increasing our social media presence. I was excited about this new company venture and let Holly head the project. Her job includes social networking, writing Monday blog entries, and updating our Facebook profile.

Holly has worked with D&E Casino Services for 10 years. Her first job with the company was as a pit clerk, in which she assisted pit bosses at event locations. Over the 10 years, Holly has transitioned into a variety of positions with D&E Casino Services. During this period she also matured into the woman that she is today.

The woman that Holly is today is the product of infinite factors, but in particular her education and family foundation have significantly influenced her maturity and direction in life. When Holly was a child, I instilled upon her the joy of education with nightly reading and an ample supply of exciting literature. A love for education led Holly to independently pursue higher education at UCLA, where she earned her BA in psychology in 3 years. Holly shared her passion for education with young South Korean students, when she taught at a private school in Cheong-ju, South Korea for a half a year. Holly returned to Southern California (Lakewood, CA) feeling thankful for her wonderful family and friends. As a mother, I instilled the importance of familial and friendly relationships through Sunday Family Time, Daughter-Mother Lunches, and welcoming all of Holly's friends into our home. As a result of her familial values, Holly decided to take additional roles with the family company.

Who Holly is as a person, goes beyond education and career decisions. If i could describe her in 3 words, I would say " energetic, spontaneous, and combative." Spontaneous in her dance, which happens.... well anywhere she can get away with. Energetic with all of her passions; cooking, researching, and exercising. Her combative nature is apparent in conversation when debates escalate, situations go awry, and sleep deprivation sets in.

Our blogger, Holly Bingham, will be back next Monday to share her perspectives on the company. At that time and any time, we encourage you to follow us on Facebook , our website , and share ideas or opinions on past and present blogs http://decasino-operationcasinoevent.blo

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