Monday, June 15, 2009

A celebration of fathers

Happy early Fathers Day!

This Sunday is dedicated to those special men in our lives that contributed half of our DNA. Accordingly, I would like to spend this week’s post celebrating Dan Bing ham, the man responsible for one half of D&E Casino’s genetic makeup.

As I have mentioned before D&E Casino is a family company, owned and operated by Dan and Ellie Bing ham. While Ellie and Jennifer run the office, Dan is what I call the “loadmaster.” He organizes the shop and ensures that every piece of casino equipment is artfully squeezed into every crevice of the truck, and delivered to event location. In addition to preparing trucks for delivery, Dan has handcrafted every piece of gaming equipment. When I was a child I remember sitting on a crap table to weigh it down, as my father made adjustments to its construction. His work requires substantial skill and hard-work, which is indispensable to the company.

Besides skillful loading, Dan is a meticulous delivery coordinator. He will accept nothing less than a perfectly symmetrical set-up. Years of experience enable him to evaluate the event space and position games in a manner that allow for optimal presentation and guest enjoyment.

Yay for fathers! This weekend, enliven the traditional bbq, and celebrate yours with a casino party.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

For Margaret Johnston

First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of posting for the last two weeks. Unfortunately my heart has been tied up as my grandmother lived her last two weeks. My grandmother, Margaret Johnston, was diagnosed with breast cancer which eventually metastasized and caused her death. Cancer is a terrible plague that wreaks havoc on the American and world population. As a company and a family, we encourage everyone to educated themselves about the symptoms and risk factors related to cancer. Although people can be genetically predisposed to cancer, the onset of cancer is most typically linked to environmental and behavioral patterns. So my message this week: take responsibility for your actions.