Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Bday to one very lovely lady...

Happy Almost Summer Readers! 

What a great start to SoCal's Summer.. This past Monday and Memorial Day was actually gorgeous. D&E Casino is soooooo super excited and will release our BBQ party guide next week, so stay tuned.... 

In the meantime, we have quite the reason for celebration.... Ellie Bingham ( CEO of D&E Casino Services) will celebrate her birthday this Monday... Yay!!!!!! Time to celebrate such a wonderful lady!

To properly celebrate, I have compiled 10 suggestions, all of which she would absolutely love ;) 

1) Call Ellie at 8 AM to serenade her with a birthday song 
2) Send a chicken liver cake with cod frosting 
3) Invite Ellie to a paintball range or to play in a rugby game
4) Deprive Ellie of coffee 
5) Deprive Ellie of coffee 
6) Invite many people over with informing Ellie and watch as they dirty her immaculate house
7) Deprive Ellie of coffee
8) Hide Sandie (office manager and family pet) 
9) Keep Ellie on hold for a veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy long time
10) Disregard all of the above and celebrate the life of the most gracious, loving, energetic woman in whatever you know! And really, please disregard #4,5, and 7 to avoid serious complications. 

Happy Birthday to Ellie; a beautiful mom, devoted wife, humble friend, and innovative CEO. 

In celebration, 


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dr. Alyson Emery: A dentist not just about teeth.

We have a new addition! In effort to celebrate significant givers within the community and amazing business partners, the D&E Casino Services blog will now highlight one individual every months. And! We have a someone wonderful to highlight for May.....

Personal Friend, Business Partner, and Healthcare Provider; Dr. Alyson Emery.

This wonderful woman, doctor, mother, and wife has served the Lakewood and Long Beach communities as an exemplary dentist for the past 27 years. She currently co-runs the Emery & Emery General Dentistry Practice ( 3840 Woodruff Ave. Suite #208 Long Beach, CA ) where one can receive a basic clean up, oral surgery or cosmetic dentistry.

As a company, we first encountered Alyson Emery as an active member of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce and Long Beach's Women's Council. Alyson remains an driving force within both organizations and other community institutions. Due to her noteworthy level of involvement, she received several prestigious awards over the last several years:

  • National Charity League Mother / Daughter Award 2003 – 2007
  • American Cancer Society Volunteer of the Year – 1993
  • Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business Achievement Award June 1988
  • Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year – January 1988
  • Harbor Dental Society Member of the Year – 1987

Following an initial business acquaintance with Dr. Alyson, D&E Casino's CEO and CFO began visiting her dental practice for their own dental care. Similar to the practice's self-description on their website ( ) Dan and Ellie were quite pleased with the friendly family-like atmosphere that the Drs. Emery and their associates provided. Following 17 years, Dan still visits the Emerys' office for all of their dental care. 

We are really happy to share our positive experience with Dr. Alyson and would encourage all of Long beach and Lakewood residents to contact her office for their yearly cleaning. 

 Emery & Emery Dental Practice

So! Thank you Dr. Alyson and we hope that this spotlight is useful to all of readers.

Your blogger,


Friday, May 11, 2012

Celebrate the one that celebrates you.

Moms. Mothers. Mamas. And Providers. We thank you. We appreciate you.

Happy Mothers Day to All.

Your Blogger,