Monday, December 28, 2009

Spotlight on 2009 and New Year's Eve Cocktail Party Menu

Over the course of 2009, the USA and the remainder of the world experienced a plethora of interesting events. The most notable year trend, which affected most everyone, was the economic recession that swept over businesses( small to huge) and individuals( poor to wealthy). The recession has significantly impacted the the lifestyle choices of all Americans. Not only has American consumerism culture suffered, but our ability to fulfill basic needs was complicated. Before you stop reading and think to yourself " well duh of course the economy sucks," I want to comment on some novel significance of the past year's events.....

In my opinion, the economic turmoil of the last year, provided the impetus, which invigorated American creativity. All forms of business-people found themselves in need of innovative strategies of securing and maintaining business. Social Media experienced a huge influx of business-users, who realized that the benefit of imparting potential customers with detailed glimpse of their products and company. The general public discovered the utility of social-networking sites in job-searches and service/product selection. The very same social media sites( Facebook, blogger, twitter, ect) provided Americans with an economical means of communication and socialization. D&E Casino, like other Americans, began our social media during 2009. We our quite pleased with development of a blog, Facebook, and Myspace presence. We hope that all of our customers, independent contractors, and employees have enjoyed learning about our company foundations and activities.

New Year's Eve and the classical ball-dropping cocktail parties will occur within the next week! Of course the biggest party takes place in Las Vegas, where brings thousands of Americans to blackjack and roulette games. For those that will not travel to Nevada, D&E Casino can create the same Vegas experience in your living-room. With the entertainment covered the last details to handle are the food and cocktails.....

As a cooking and entertaining aficionado, I am really excited to reveal a New Beginnings Cocktail Party Menu. In many cultures, New Years celebrations are meant to bring good luck and new-life/trends, I chose a multicultural array of Hors D'oeuvres that emphasizes good health and fresh exciting flavors enjoy!

Cultural Influence

Middle Eastern- Babaganoush with whole-wheat pita bread

American- Whole-Wheat Chocolate Cupcakes

Leave us a comment about your New Year's Event or 2010 Plans.

Happy New Years to Everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank You for an Awesome December!!!

The month's end has tiptoed up upon us and delivered a sneak attack....

The crazy busyness of December preoccupied all of us at D&E Casino and now Christmas is 4 days away!!!!!!!!!! I have failed to complete any holiday shopping and am suddenly realizing that it is almost 2010. With more events scheduled for this week, it appears that scheduling in holiday time is somewhat analogous to a rubix cube.

I want to spend a couple sentences thanking our fabulous independent contractors, employees, and clients that have made the last month happen. Its been a wonderful coordination of efforts that has resulted in a rewarding experience for all of us. An experience that is significant this month and for many to follow.

In modern America Christmas is oftentimes reduced to a commercial charade that imposes demands of perfection and extravagant gift giving. As Christmas is traditionally a holiday of altruistic giving, we were so excited to see holiday giving in full-effect. Employers treating their employees. Families expressing their love through orchestrated events and well-thought out presents. Independent contractors surprising management with tokens of their affection. In a very fun display the CEO of Westfield Malls ( Peter Lowy ) took over the blackjack game and
entertained his employees for several minutes.

In closing D&E Casino Services would like to thank everyone once again and wish you all a Happy Holidays. May you spend it with loved ones and relish in the joy that is integral to the holiday season.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Holidays are Here!!!!!

Halfway into the month and D&E Casino Services is in a full blown tornado of activity. we are experiencing a rapid influx of event bookings from Hanukkah celebrations, employee appreciations parties, Birthdays, Fundraisers, and a software trade-show. We are popppppinnnn! All the events have us trapsing about California--- Granada Hills one day Dana Point the following day and Ontario the next. There have been unexpected twists; such as four flights of stairs that a client failed to mention and transferred the equipment from event venues in a rainstorm. Our dedicated personnel have worked double events in one day and even pulled 24 hour days. We are so thankful for the business and find some sick enjoyment in the crazy hours and nonstop travel.

Like everyone we have holiday shopping and decorations to do, so I wanted to impart a tale that might inspire us all with a bit of yuletiede joy....

'Twas the night before Christmas.
I hit the casino.
I went there to play,
More than just Keno.
The dealers were assigned to their tables with care.
Chatting with patrons who were gambling there.
I walked to the Slots and started to Play.
I had a feeling this would be my Day
I put in my coins and gave the handle a yank.
As the coins started dropping I heard them go "Clank."
The wheels started spinning, they whirled and they glowed.
Alas! I saw three 7's, lined up in a row.
The lights started flashing, the bells all were ringing,
Out came the Jackpot with that old familiar jingling.
I reached down and scooped up all of my winnings.
I headed for the tables.. I couldn't stop grinning.
A table was open so I sat for Blackjack,
Put down money for chips and purchased a stack.
The Dealer was smiling, I was having such fun.
Drew a Jack then an Ace, I had Twenty One!
Now off to Roulette but which numbers to choose?
The way things were going I just couldn't lose.
I watched the ball spinning, it clicked and it Popped.
Right into my number, that little ball dropped.
"Thirty five to One", the dealer pushed me my chips.
Then she said, "Thanks!" for the toke that I flipped.
Then out on the floor, I heard such a clatter.
I rushed to the Craps Table, to see what was the matter.
There was this Fat Guy so lively and quick,
I thought to myself, he looks like Saint Nick.
I watched the dice as they flew from his hand.
He made his point, ever time they'd land.
"Place the six and the eight and a dollar on YO!
"He blew on the dice before letting them go.
"To some these dice are more fun than toys.
I almost forgot, hard six for the girls and the boys!"
He handled the bones so smooth and so swift.
The timing was right, to ask for a gift.
"Oh Santa please share some of your lucky charm."
He whispered to me, as he took my arm. "If you want to keep winning when rolling the dice,
Just listen to Santa and heed my advice.
""I've learned from the Experts, Scoblete, Burton, Bingham's and Wong.
The secret of winning is PRACTICE hard and long."
"You MUST use your head and this is no fable.
If your Luck starts to turn, You must leave the table"
In the Blink of an eye he was headed for the door.
I pleaded with Santa, "Please, Tell me more!"
He called back to me
as he flew out of sight.
"Every day will be Christmas.
If you learn to play the game right

Website Maintenance

Before anyone goes into cardiac arrest, I wanted to assure you all that our website is currently undergoing maintenance and that the company is up and running on turbocharged speed. There is still availability for for the upcoming week and a half before Christmas. If you are looking to diversify your event's activities, then rent a blackjack or crap table and leave your guests entertained. our full range of gaming tables include:

  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Poker and Texas Hold'em
  • Baccarat
  • Pai Gow
  • Let it Ride
  • and all other standard casino tables
We hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday and please stayposted for website updates and this weeks blog post

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