Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our 18th anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

I super excited to announce the company's 18th year anniversary. Given the current economy and typical success-rate for small companies, it is quite momentous to celebrate the company's stability and arrival into 2009. Coincidentally the D&E Casino's founders and co-CEOs commemorated their 25th wedding anniversary. A 25 year marriage is noteworthy in today's society by itself, but add in a full-time business venture for 18 of those years and you move into Guinness world record territory. So congrats to Dan, Ellie, Jennifer, and all the independent contractors that make it happen!

This last weekend, our company had fun time providing entertainment for three local fundraisers; 2 were located in Long Beach, Lakewood and Santa Fe Springs. Monte Carlo fundraisers and poker tournaments provide an awesome way for non-profit groups to encourage guests to donate resources, while providing donors an exciting evening in return. Typically guests buy a general admission ticket that includes an initial amount of casino play-money. Donors use the play-money at their favorite games and buy additional vouchers as the event progresses. Our fundraiser clients can raise a substantial amount of funds by creating the Las Vegas atmosphere encouraging guests to purchase additional casino-play vouchers.

Check out the pics from the Lakewood event:)

1)Dealer John and Guests 2)Your very own blogger :) 3)Lawrence dealing Texas Hold'em

Positve blog reception

After a recent email announcing our new blog we recieved many encouraging replies:

Super idea - the blog. I am looking forward to reading the next installment (Part Two).

Hi Everyone:
Nice to hear from you and thank you for thinking of us. I will check it out. We are still around if you ever need us (but unfortunately right now it would have to be around here because my car is taking a dive and I do not have funds to get new one at the moment) Thanks and take care.

Hello Binghams - Totally enjoy your blog.. thanks for sharing! =) I added the link to my delicous site so I will check back often for updates! Great job!

The office is excited to see these responses and the others that came in yesterday. Thanks so much and feel free to leave comments whenever you get a chance.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The company's birth story

Today I want to share the story of D&E Casino’s birth. When that fateful day came, Ellie began having contractions early in the morning and immediately rushed to the hospital where she……..
Ok so maybe the company’s beginning didn’t occur in the neonatal unit, but it can be traced back to a Nordstrom’s fragrance fair in 1991. Ellie Bing ham, our wonderful Co-CEO and my mother,was at Nordstroms, sampling various fragrances and noticed a hysterical woman amidst a pile of wood and green felt. Being a caring person, Ellie approached the woman and inquired into the problem. The crying woman informed Ellie that a casino rental company had left the equipment unassembled and failed to provide the promised dealers. Ellie and her husband Dan frequently hosted card parties, so Ellie offered to deal during the evening’s event. Later at home, Ellie spoke with Dan and presented him with an idea. The idea was a big one, the husband-wife team would build, rent, and deal their own casino games. They started small, one blackjack table, and gradually expanded the operation to its present size, 100 tables and 140 dealers! Despite substantial business evolution, D&E Casino maintains its fundamentally familial-vibe and honest commitment to entertainment. In the posts to follow, I will provide a more detailed look at our dealers, staff, and clients. Until then……. Have a lucky day!