Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our 18th anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

I super excited to announce the company's 18th year anniversary. Given the current economy and typical success-rate for small companies, it is quite momentous to celebrate the company's stability and arrival into 2009. Coincidentally the D&E Casino's founders and co-CEOs commemorated their 25th wedding anniversary. A 25 year marriage is noteworthy in today's society by itself, but add in a full-time business venture for 18 of those years and you move into Guinness world record territory. So congrats to Dan, Ellie, Jennifer, and all the independent contractors that make it happen!

This last weekend, our company had fun time providing entertainment for three local fundraisers; 2 were located in Long Beach, Lakewood and Santa Fe Springs. Monte Carlo fundraisers and poker tournaments provide an awesome way for non-profit groups to encourage guests to donate resources, while providing donors an exciting evening in return. Typically guests buy a general admission ticket that includes an initial amount of casino play-money. Donors use the play-money at their favorite games and buy additional vouchers as the event progresses. Our fundraiser clients can raise a substantial amount of funds by creating the Las Vegas atmosphere encouraging guests to purchase additional casino-play vouchers.

Check out the pics from the Lakewood event:)

1)Dealer John and Guests 2)Your very own blogger :) 3)Lawrence dealing Texas Hold'em

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