Monday, July 23, 2012

Promotional Wheels from D&E Casino Services

D&E Casino Services has put twist with rentals out color wheels of all sizes and description.

Similar to the popular casinos, D&E Casino Services of Long Beach, California has recently a jump in color prize wheel rentals promotion wheels. We are very excited the rental market is reflecting modern gaming trends and have taken measures to meet the demands of our customers. We have revamped all of our wheel of fortunes and money wheels and regularly rent them out to trade show, fundraiser, carnival's, convention, and special promotion events. We are happy to service this new niche in the gaming community.
The wheel of fortune or promotion wheel, prize wheel as it is commonly called, has been to subject to increasing popularity in the Los Angeles County and Orange County within the last 10 years. In American casinos the wheel of fortune is more commonly known as the money wheel, in which symbols have dollar dominations: $1, $2, $5, $10, and $20. The payoff for each segment corresponds to the dollar amount--such as the $20 section pays 20:1. Players win these odds if the ticker at the top of wheel lands on the section that the player has bet on. Similar to slot machines, the wheel is need more on chance than anything else. The high gamble involved in securing winnings, makes the game that much more fun.

Feel free to come see our games or rent equipment for your event.

Until then……………………. Happy spinning!!!!!!!!!!!

your blogger's Lisa Ly & Ellie Bingham


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Get ready for BBQ time people!

Well well well party people! Fire up your grills, no not those detestable metal teeth inserts, and lets get ready to P-A-R-T-Y!!!! 

As always, we here at D&E Casino want to do our best to assist you in your party efforts. SOOOOOOOO! I have fashioned an easy but delicious BBQ menu with the help of some great bloggers and cooking publications.

Here she is........ THE 2012 SUMMER BBQ MENU

Crazy refreshing Peach Sangria from BBC Good Food. Prepare ahead of time and leave pitchers at all tables. 
Ready for appetizers? This Smoky Eggplant-Ancho Spread is another convenient make-ahead dish from Food & Wine. Serve with pita or lentil chips.
Moist and succulent, Grilled Sea Bass from Saveur involves little preparation but functions as an elegant show-stopping main dish. For the best flavor, buy fresh never-frozen fish.
Cow-Lover? Keep in mind that according to California State Law, Bestiality IS illegal. For those of you, who like to EAT cows... I give you the Beef Satay from Serious Eats. A bold fusion of salty, spicy, and sweet. To optimize flavor, aim for a quick sear that will create a pleasant charred exterior.

Keep things light and hydrating with The Forest Feast's Strawberry Cucumber Salad. For effortless hosting, combine all ingredients except vinaigrette in advance. 
The Finale! A little boozy but a lot of fun, Roost's Watermelon Mojito Pop's are an easy dessert pick.

Well lovely readers, do enjoy. We would love to hear how you make your summer BBQ's special. Comment below or on our Facebook. 

Your Blogger, 

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Happy Bday to one very lovely lady...

Happy Almost Summer Readers! 

What a great start to SoCal's Summer.. This past Monday and Memorial Day was actually gorgeous. D&E Casino is soooooo super excited and will release our BBQ party guide next week, so stay tuned.... 

In the meantime, we have quite the reason for celebration.... Ellie Bingham ( CEO of D&E Casino Services) will celebrate her birthday this Monday... Yay!!!!!! Time to celebrate such a wonderful lady!

To properly celebrate, I have compiled 10 suggestions, all of which she would absolutely love ;) 

1) Call Ellie at 8 AM to serenade her with a birthday song 
2) Send a chicken liver cake with cod frosting 
3) Invite Ellie to a paintball range or to play in a rugby game
4) Deprive Ellie of coffee 
5) Deprive Ellie of coffee 
6) Invite many people over with informing Ellie and watch as they dirty her immaculate house
7) Deprive Ellie of coffee
8) Hide Sandie (office manager and family pet) 
9) Keep Ellie on hold for a veeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyy long time
10) Disregard all of the above and celebrate the life of the most gracious, loving, energetic woman in whatever you know! And really, please disregard #4,5, and 7 to avoid serious complications. 

Happy Birthday to Ellie; a beautiful mom, devoted wife, humble friend, and innovative CEO. 

In celebration, 


Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dr. Alyson Emery: A dentist not just about teeth.

We have a new addition! In effort to celebrate significant givers within the community and amazing business partners, the D&E Casino Services blog will now highlight one individual every months. And! We have a someone wonderful to highlight for May.....

Personal Friend, Business Partner, and Healthcare Provider; Dr. Alyson Emery.

This wonderful woman, doctor, mother, and wife has served the Lakewood and Long Beach communities as an exemplary dentist for the past 27 years. She currently co-runs the Emery & Emery General Dentistry Practice ( 3840 Woodruff Ave. Suite #208 Long Beach, CA ) where one can receive a basic clean up, oral surgery or cosmetic dentistry.

As a company, we first encountered Alyson Emery as an active member of the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce and Long Beach's Women's Council. Alyson remains an driving force within both organizations and other community institutions. Due to her noteworthy level of involvement, she received several prestigious awards over the last several years:

  • National Charity League Mother / Daughter Award 2003 – 2007
  • American Cancer Society Volunteer of the Year – 1993
  • Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Small Business Achievement Award June 1988
  • Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce Business Person of the Year – January 1988
  • Harbor Dental Society Member of the Year – 1987

Following an initial business acquaintance with Dr. Alyson, D&E Casino's CEO and CFO began visiting her dental practice for their own dental care. Similar to the practice's self-description on their website ( ) Dan and Ellie were quite pleased with the friendly family-like atmosphere that the Drs. Emery and their associates provided. Following 17 years, Dan still visits the Emerys' office for all of their dental care. 

We are really happy to share our positive experience with Dr. Alyson and would encourage all of Long beach and Lakewood residents to contact her office for their yearly cleaning. 

 Emery & Emery Dental Practice

So! Thank you Dr. Alyson and we hope that this spotlight is useful to all of readers.

Your blogger,


Friday, May 11, 2012

Celebrate the one that celebrates you.

Moms. Mothers. Mamas. And Providers. We thank you. We appreciate you.

Happy Mothers Day to All.

Your Blogger,


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Anniversaries anniversaries anniversaries!

Wow! What an eventful weekend and week!

Sunday marked D&E Casino Services 21st Anniversary!!! I can hardly believe it. Since I was there at the company's inception and experienced the initial struggles that the casino business presented, I am soooo soo excited to celebrate the current anniversary. Its pretty amazing to think that a young couple out of North Long Beach came up with the crazy idea to rent casino games for special events. Its even crazier that the crazy idea became a reality and furthermore it became a successful idea. 21 years later the business is still kicking, and kicking quite strong for that matter. So congratulations to D&E Casino Services for 21 amazing years of business, for the entertainment that they have brought Southern California, and the contribution they have made to Lakewood and its surrounding areas.

On another note, yesterday Dan and Ellie (CEOs and founders of D&E Casino Services) celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary. Wowzers! 28 years!!! The longevity of Dan & Ellie's relationship is a testament to their commitment and personal evolution. Marriage is not always an easy arrangement and neither is owning one's own company. They have succeeded at both. Not only succeeded but prospered. These two know how to work hard, dream big, and play hard. Congratulations to you this week, this year, and in those to come. 

My best from your blogger, 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Using Social Media for Fundraising Events

Using Social Media for Fundraising Events   By:Nelson Ta

Fundraising Ideas

When I was in school, somewhere around fifth or sixth grade, my entire class had to raise money for a big camping trip. All our hopes and dreams resided solely with boxes of chocolate. The goal was for us to walk door to door or wait in front of grocery stores peddling our sweet caramel goodies. In doing so, we were supposed to learn confidence, an understanding of business, acquire problem solving skills, and all of those neat abilities. That was the goal.

However, what usually ended up happening was my parents bought the whole box, and I spent the following week sitting on the couch enjoying a bountiful feast of nougat, chocolate, almonds, and caramel. Although that does bring back fond memories and I eventually did go on my camping trip, it probably wasn’t the most effective way to raise money. If I were a kid or if I had kids (knocks on wood) presently, then I would fully take advantage of the power of Social Media when trying to fundraise.

For example, something as simple as a carwash no longer has to be restricted to word of mouth or scribbled signs posted around town. I would utilize one or all of my social networks and invite all my friends to come. The average Facebook user has about 245 friends. If only ten percent of them came out and paid 5 dollars each for a wash, then our gross revenue would already be 120 dollars. That is already more than what the box of chocolates had to offer.

Scaling fundraisers to an adult size and interest, a company could throw a game casino night to raise money for a local charity or for new office supplies. The reach can widen with the demographic of the audience. Tools such as email campaigns and LinkedIn may play a large role. Who can possibly resist an event called “Black Jack for Charity?”

This is a small sample size of the possibilities of what infusing a good natured fundraiser with Social Media creates. Over the last few years and even in the recent weeks, we can see that using the various social platforms, people can raise awareness for a particular event or issue fast. Just look at the meteoric awareness of the Invisible Children’s “Kony 2012” campaign. The company had already been around for more than a decade, but by producing a viral video, an active Facebook page, and a manageable call to action, they evoked passion and movement. Even I shelled out 30 dollars to the cause.

It’s in our nature to help others. Humans are inherently good and altruistic by design. When we see commercials of some crisis, we want to help. More often than not, we don’t because we feel powerless to change the situation and the call to action seems too steep. Thus, something like a local community event has the power to draw a significant crowd if it has the right exposure. It is close by and doesn’t require too much effort. This is where Social Media comes into play.

The traditional ways of marketing events, ads and flyers, pale in comparison to the cost efficiency (free) and reach (unlimited) of Social Media. There are many ways in which groups can organize and manage a successful campaign to raise awareness or draw people to an event.

Facebook Events

First of all, a group should already have an established Facebook Fan page. This ensures that people understand what the organization is about and allows them to interact. As the largest Social Media platform (approaching one billion users), Facebook has the largest reach and demographic. When planning a fundraising event, create a Facebook Event in advance.

This will help raise awareness long before the event. By making it a public event, attendees can share it outward to all of their friends. Having the event on Facebook allows for detailed information to be readily available, interaction and engagement with the fans, and gives planners a rough estimate of how many people might be attending.

Promotion for the event can expand outward from there. Groups should efficiently utilize the Fan Page’s Cover photo to their advantage. It is great real estate for promoting the event. However, be aware that there are some restrictions for what can be placed on the cover photo that users should heed.

Twitter Tweet Up

As well as creating a Facebook page, groups should consider using Twitter. Twitter which has around 100 million active users works hand in hand with Facebook. Tweet the event details. Have attendees share photos, add mentions, and use hashtags during the event. If it were at a company’s Casino Night, encourage attendees to take photos of them having fun. Photos of a group standing near a poker table or someone’s expression after winning would be great for promotion for future events. People like to see real people being genuine and having fun. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity.

YouTube Videos

YouTube is another great Social Media tool. Behind Google, the video sharing giant is the second most used search engine. Create a channel and share videos from past events as a teaser for upcoming events. Capture video testimonies at the event and share outward to help fans remember the great time they had. The possibilities for what Social Media can do for fundraising is amazing.

If I were trying to raise money or if I was that 10-year-old kid again, I would be sure to use all the necessary tools to ensure the success of my campaign. Creating a Facebook group beats going door to door selling chocolate bars. Trust me.

About the Author:

Nelson Ta is the Content Editor and lead blogger for Omnibeat. As a social media enthusiast with an extensive background in writing, he strives to help businesses and people understand the latest trends in social media, technology, and marketing.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

St. Cyprian Lakewood Community Fest

Please Contact: Jane Anderson at 562-3781 or

Don’t forget to join the community festival in Long Beach at St. Cyprian Catholic Church. They have all sorts of fun stuff for kids and adults such as Carnival Rides, Food, Live Entertainment, and if you would like there is service after the fun and games. The Festival is going to be on April 27th, 28th, 29th. Community Fest Hours

Friday April 27th 6 pm - 10 pm

Saturday April 28th Noon - 10 pm

Sunday April 29th Noon - 6 pm

Also all you if you are looking for something to do or help out they are looking for plenty of volunteers. If you don’t have the time to volunteer then you can donate some items such as Raffle Basket Donations such as tickets for play, Toys, Sporting goods, new house items (small), appliances, gift cards, or other raffle items that can add value to a basket. Anything is very much appreciated by the Church.

They are looking for decorations (donations) for a luau theme this year like plumeria branches, potted plants, tropical plants, and gardening pots empty or planted. Also like to sell handmade items such as pillows, aprons, knitting, wreaths, ceramics, wood items, and art. All items made are dropped off April 22-24th.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

EB is in the House!

Hello hello lovely readers!

  This week brings exciting tidings.... Easter!!! Aka EB( Easter Bunny) Day!!!

   EB is not who you think who she/he might be.. In fact EB has no fur, no large obtrusive ears... but! she does have an incredible lovable heart and fills the role of D&E Casino's Co-CEO and my family's personal Easter bunny.

Soooo this year, I want to share the D&E Casino Family Celebration.

Easter Brunch

Also in store is EB's special recipe fudge!!!! 

I have a feeling we are in for a good celebration :) 

Hoping that everyone else enjoys their Easter celebration. We would love to hear about your dinner/brunch/travel plans!!!

Also! We are available for events all Easter Weekend.. So! Give us a call @ 1 888.417.2121 or email

Happy Easter from your blogger!!!

-Holly Bingham-

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Connections connections. Ways to connect with D&E Casino Services

Well Folks, the social media marathon continues. I recently discovered a new social media platform called Pinterest. Ok, maybe I am behind the times in this late discovery.. but oh my, I am now obsessed. What a great way to organize your thoughts, find new products or services, and develop a portfolio of online interests. Given this new obsession, I started thinking about the importance of social media from a busness perspective and a personal perspective, At this point, businesses are obsolete without a social media presence. The same way that individuals organize their social calendar and explore new avenues, businesses use social media to announce special events and connect with new business partners or consumers. The expanded oppurtunities that social media can provide are really quite brillant. Flex your social media(SM) power and explore some new SM platforms!  Check out the ways you can connect with D&E casino through SM.

Skype Me™!
Thanks for contacting us!

Well, I think that covers it for now! Please send us a note, tweet, post, pin, or plus whenever you need additional information or would like to share a review or question with the SM world :)

Cheers from your blogger!


Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring is Stunning

One swallow does not make a spring.
ebirds are a sign of spring; warm weather
and gentle south breezes they bring.
In spring, no one thinks of the snow that fell last year.
Don’t say that spring has come until you can put
your foot on nine daisies.

Spring-time sweet!

The whole Earth smiles, thy coming to greet.

How do you know that spring is coming? Share your comment below!