Monday, May 24, 2010

Community Partners in Lakewood and Long Beach

I want to say thank you to some local businesses that Hold a special place in hearts at D&E casino Services

First up! I really want to say thanks to Cindy Hinsberger. She is always telling her customers, friends, and family about D&E Casino Services. She is such a great referral that she keeps her own stash of business cards. In addition to frequesnt referrals, Cindy happen to be a fabulous stylist that ensures Ellie always looks her best on event days. Thank you Cindy for making sure Momma B. always looks fly!!!!

We feel especially honored that our casino services were used at the engagement party of Hinsberger, Cindy’s daughter. We hope to spend many more years in the company of the Hinsbergers!

You can reach Cindy for stellar hair styling services at Panache Hair Design:

Panache Hair Design

(562) 429-1424 or (562) 925-6170

4146 Viking Way • Long Beach, CA 90808

Open 7 Days A Week

Another valuable community partner that provides D&E Casino with constant support and positive feedback, is the Grand of Long Beach. For the last ten years, we have worked as business comrades with the Grand. They are familiar with our broad variety of our services and exceptional customer services, and as such send their customers our way. Since the commencement of our liaison, we have done over 50 events at Grand by their direct suggestion. With the beautiful facilities and fabulous catering that The Grand and its other venues provide, we always send clients in the Long Beach area straight to the Grand special event office. You can check out their venues out at: and

Our community partners play a vital role in the success and vitality of our company and as such I truly say thank you to Cindy and the Grand Management, for helping D&E Casino stay a prominent vendor of the Southern Californian event industry. We are eternally grateful.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Celebration of Mothers; the human population's cheerleaders

Firstly, i would like to apologize for the lapse in writing last week, I fell ill last week and was unable to channel my productive energies. But TADA!!!!!!!!! I am back baby.

Like many other people in this world, when I fall ill, my mother is most typically the person that takes estra care to ensure that I return to my healthy state. Mothers are characteristic for their impressive abilities to multi-task, think of everything (maybe too much), and above all take-care of their children. My mother is also D&E Casino Service's resident mother, Ellie Bingham. Ellie is known for bopping around the casino floor, checking in with dealers, sympathizing with the latest problem, distributing water, or finding ibuprofen. The company is extremely lucky to have her as is my family.

This Sunday, Mothers Day, the American population celebrates mothers everywhere, which I think is more than wonderful. Where would we be without them?............ Well technically speaking we wouldn't exist and figuratively we would be a sickly and grumpy.

 To Mothers Everywhere, THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!\