Monday, April 25, 2011

Fundraising Success: A quick guide

Hello Hello Lovely Readers!

   I hope that everyone enjoyed their Easter and are now refreshed(?) and attacking work/school with renewed vigor!

  This week, I want to detail a brief guide to fundraiser planning and execution. So without any further ado.....

First up, your organization will probably delineate the cost of all programs and operations in addition to current sources of funding. Following a clear calculation of remaining financial needs has been established, a fundraising plan must be created and executed.

Part of the fundraising plan is likely to include one or perhaps several fundraisers. A successful fundraiser demands considerable planning and brainstorming. Several components be considered:

  • Total fundraiser goal
  • Event timeline and deadline
    • What dates work with your organization's agenda?
    • When are the funds first necessitated? 
  • Appoint leadership that possesses the time and passion to deliver the best possible event
  • Brainstorm with committee members to pick an event that will generate the most interest amongst organization and social associates    
  • Choose a venue that is in a close geographic proximity and caters to attendees' comfort zones 
  • Calculate total event costs and ensure that funds raised will more than cover expenses    
  • Delegate event tasks amongst committee and organization members
  • Enjoy!!!!!!
  • Pay all event invoices and thank donors ASAP
For specific help with casino fundraisers, D&E Casino is ready to provide any additional assistance that you may need. Feel free to contact us with all of your questions at 888-417-2121 or email . And.... Good Luck!

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

20 years in the oven. 20 years of excellence. D&E Casino

Hello Readers!

Exciting news this week…April 22nd marks the D&E Casino’s 20th anniversary!!!!!

Wow, this is kinda amazing for me in particular to contemplate. Given that I was present for the company’s inception, childhood, and later maturation… I feel extremely happy to announce this celebration and reflect on the past 20 years here.

For all of those that have never heard the inception story here she is:

The scene. Dashing Daniel and smashing Ellie were a striking duo that owned the party circuit with a panache that could not be rivaled by any James Bond character or old money debutante.

The Plot. Recently endowed with two crazy adorable and intelligent children named Jennifer and Holly, Dan told Ellie “Babe we gotta settle down a bit. For the little ones,” Knowing he was right, Ellie agreed and hung up her dancing shoes… The months progressed and Ellie felt an itch growing. It started on her ear, moved to the nose, the lips, progressed to the stomach, and finalized in the toes. Her agitation grew and upon many a fruitless visit to her local physician, she began to despair that her condition would never get better. Perhaps she would maintain this state for the rest of her life, tormented with an ever-present itch, perhaps……she was cursed to be FOREVER itchy.

Knowing the deep despair of his wife, Dan counseled Ellie to investigate alternative medicine, knitting, yoga, underwater basket weaving, and some new modes of recreation. Following many soggy baskets and toppled downward dogs, Ellie attended a Nordstrom’s fragrance fair…… A momentous decision in today’s tale. A momentous decision indeed. At the event she encountered a frantic woman. Eyes bloodshot from wepping, hair a mess, and clothes askew. The woman hovered over two blackjack tables.

“Oh woe is me;” cried the woman “What oh what shall I do? “The woman languished in her own self-pity. Sensing a friendly ear in Ellie, she continued “My reputation is ruined; I will be banished from my department.” After that the hysterical woman burst into a fit of wails and violent heaving.
“Wh-wh-what is the matter????” inquired Ellie “Please what can I do to help?”
“Nothing. Absolutely nothing,” stopping to wipe a torrent of tears from her eyes, a ray of hope entered her person “Unless, you happen to deal blackjack?”.
“I do,” pause “My husband and I host blackjack soirees on a frequent basis,”
Ellie proceeded to host a fabulous blackjack party that wowed all of the fragrance fair attendees and provided the impetus for a life changing proposition. The proposition of a company.

Next day, thinking cap on, Ellie approached Dan with the plan. The plan that dramatically affected the upbringing Holly and Jennifer. The plan that spawned D&E Casino.
The Climax. “Well Dan,” Ellie began “I have a plan.” “A plan?” he asked. “Yes, a plan. Let’s start company. A casino rental company.”
He smiled. She smiled.
The itch left her toes, receded from her belly, move off of her lips, the nose, and finally freed itself from her ears.

20 years later. The striking duo nurtures the child of that random evening. D&E Casino.

Celebrating 20 years,


Monday, April 11, 2011

Recollections of Easter and Hop Wrap Party!

Hola Readers!

  I am happy to announce that Easter is close close close! One of my favorite holidays as a youngster, in part because of my Mom's enthusiasm, I still get a little excited as Easter Sunday approached.  On the note of my Mom’s enthusiasm.....

Ellie Bingham, D&E Casino’s co-founder and my mother, has always entered ultra-festive mode early in April. I am uncertain if her initials, EB, or Easter’s religious significance that lend to her excitement.... but nonetheless, I have many a memory receiving Easter cards April 5th and partaking in Easter-egg hunts, all of which resulted in beautiful memories and my maintained excitement for Easter.

Last month something really fun came D&E Casino’s way! Hop wrap party! Contracted by the movie-makers of their newly released movie, Hop , we provided casino games and some stellar dealers to celebrate the successful completion of this light-hearted family film.Coincidentally the movie revolves around E.B., the teenage son of the Easter Bunny. Although initially uncertain and hesitant to assume his duties as the next Easter Bunny, E.B. eventually realizes the importance of his father’s duties and accepts the appointment.

There is some true joy in the fantastic tradition of the Easter Bunny. The excitement that he brings to children and the family gatherings that occur on Easter day are the substance of life. Without joy and quality contact with our loved ones, life is a barren field that lacks the beauty of a single flower. I thank my E.B. for this appreciation and hope that everyone who watches Hop may gain some of the same happiness.

Well its not here yet, but yay get ready for Easter! Give everyone else some ideas, and share some of your Easter plans here!!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

D&E Casino Company Reorganization: New Business Name and Venture

Hello Readers!!!!!

   I write today with fun fun fun news! D&E Casino will be changing its company name to Mobile      Casino-athon to accompany some organizational changes effective April 1st 2011.  So what are these changes????

We are now offering casino gaming from Food Trucks!!!!!!!!!

Everyone's favorite decision maker Sandy Bingham brought the current food-truck trend to the company's attention and suggested that we capitalize on this new market. Popularized by the Food Network and Pop-culture, gourmet food vehicle have are more and more prevalent across Los Angeles. In front of night-life locations, convention centers, music performances, and appreciation parties these new mobile restaurants offer many cuisine types for an affordable convenient price.

Annnnndddd, as of last Friday, you can now find our blackjack, poker, roulette, and craps tables on many speciality food trucks. This is the perfect way to get in some quick gaming while grabbing a bite to eat!

Please contact for full details.

Check out our new youtubes:
But until then...........................