Monday, April 25, 2011

Fundraising Success: A quick guide

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   I hope that everyone enjoyed their Easter and are now refreshed(?) and attacking work/school with renewed vigor!

  This week, I want to detail a brief guide to fundraiser planning and execution. So without any further ado.....

First up, your organization will probably delineate the cost of all programs and operations in addition to current sources of funding. Following a clear calculation of remaining financial needs has been established, a fundraising plan must be created and executed.

Part of the fundraising plan is likely to include one or perhaps several fundraisers. A successful fundraiser demands considerable planning and brainstorming. Several components be considered:

  • Total fundraiser goal
  • Event timeline and deadline
    • What dates work with your organization's agenda?
    • When are the funds first necessitated? 
  • Appoint leadership that possesses the time and passion to deliver the best possible event
  • Brainstorm with committee members to pick an event that will generate the most interest amongst organization and social associates    
  • Choose a venue that is in a close geographic proximity and caters to attendees' comfort zones 
  • Calculate total event costs and ensure that funds raised will more than cover expenses    
  • Delegate event tasks amongst committee and organization members
  • Enjoy!!!!!!
  • Pay all event invoices and thank donors ASAP
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