Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Special Mother's Day Rememberance and Breast Cancer Spotlight

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This week I bring you a topic of great personal importance. May 7th marks the date of Revlon’s EIF’s Revlon Run/Walk For Women. This fundraiser which was instated in 1972 benefits the sufferers of breast cancer and the research of of the illness. Programs include counseling, outreach, and general assistance for those that bear the burde pf breat cancer.

My own Grandma struggled with breast cancer and eventually perished due to the disease. Observing chemo and the aftermath was heart-wrenching and very painful to encounter. The difficulties of her treatment were ameliorated tremendously with the support of foundations like Revlon Run/Walk and ACS,

Given her inability to drive, cab vouchers and grocery delivery were provided. As her hair fell off wigs were made available and resources to cope with the grief/ There is a certain inexpressible value women place on their hair and breasts. These elements are an extension the person and ingrained into their concept of self. Consider the pain of having a fatal disease in addition to a lack of consistency in one’s self-image and the resulting grief that occurs.

My Grandmother dealt with all of these struggles and still managed to joke with me on the way to chemo that “we better hurry, so we could make it the bar.”’ Would she have maintained that positive spirit without the support of beneficiary groups? I am uncertain. Nonetheless, I want to express my personal and the company’s commendation for their efforts and assistance provided. Also, I would encourage you to give your support via donation or participation int the Revlon Run/Walk.

Please visit their website and get started J

In the meantime be well, live well, and experience fully,.experience fully.

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  1. Grandma Johnston was a great woman to all. She will be missed from everyone that knew her.
    Love and Respect,
    Miss you Grandma