Monday, May 16, 2011

Shout out to all the teachers!

Hello Readers!

This month being Teacher appreciation month, I want to send a special shot out to teachers everywhere. Hey hey hey!

Teaching is an art that is hard to master and rarely appreciated. However, I believe that teaching

and education of others is a truly joyous gift that is so crucial to the development of our youth and

evolution of the adult population. To properly impart knowledge on to another individual involves

much more than being knowledgeable. Really and truly a real instructor must understand how to

engage their students in the new subject matter and cement it in their memory. No easy matter!

Furthermore, the success of one’s teaching is intricately related to that individual’s personal

investment. Frequently, teachers lack the recognition deserved them and instead struggle with

the complaints of a voluminous few. Given their critical role in the development of our society’s

intellect, I have always been surprised by this under-appreciation. With the economic recession

and consequential budget cuts, the education situation has progressively deteriorated. Recent

California propositions could potentially result in 7000 employees in the Los Angeles School

District. Classrooms are already overcrowded and recurrently fail to provide the special attention

that is needed to properly educate our youth. Please read more in this week’s LA Times,0,2449075.story

A great teacher is hard to find and I am certain that most of us have a recollect a select few in

our lifetimes. It seems limited funding and lack of attention is an unlikely way to increases their


Please celebrate teachers appreciation week by voicing your support in one way or another and

fight the current budget cut propositions.

In appreciation,


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