Monday, December 28, 2009

Spotlight on 2009 and New Year's Eve Cocktail Party Menu

Over the course of 2009, the USA and the remainder of the world experienced a plethora of interesting events. The most notable year trend, which affected most everyone, was the economic recession that swept over businesses( small to huge) and individuals( poor to wealthy). The recession has significantly impacted the the lifestyle choices of all Americans. Not only has American consumerism culture suffered, but our ability to fulfill basic needs was complicated. Before you stop reading and think to yourself " well duh of course the economy sucks," I want to comment on some novel significance of the past year's events.....

In my opinion, the economic turmoil of the last year, provided the impetus, which invigorated American creativity. All forms of business-people found themselves in need of innovative strategies of securing and maintaining business. Social Media experienced a huge influx of business-users, who realized that the benefit of imparting potential customers with detailed glimpse of their products and company. The general public discovered the utility of social-networking sites in job-searches and service/product selection. The very same social media sites( Facebook, blogger, twitter, ect) provided Americans with an economical means of communication and socialization. D&E Casino, like other Americans, began our social media during 2009. We our quite pleased with development of a blog, Facebook, and Myspace presence. We hope that all of our customers, independent contractors, and employees have enjoyed learning about our company foundations and activities.

New Year's Eve and the classical ball-dropping cocktail parties will occur within the next week! Of course the biggest party takes place in Las Vegas, where brings thousands of Americans to blackjack and roulette games. For those that will not travel to Nevada, D&E Casino can create the same Vegas experience in your living-room. With the entertainment covered the last details to handle are the food and cocktails.....

As a cooking and entertaining aficionado, I am really excited to reveal a New Beginnings Cocktail Party Menu. In many cultures, New Years celebrations are meant to bring good luck and new-life/trends, I chose a multicultural array of Hors D'oeuvres that emphasizes good health and fresh exciting flavors enjoy!

Cultural Influence

Middle Eastern- Babaganoush with whole-wheat pita bread

American- Whole-Wheat Chocolate Cupcakes

Leave us a comment about your New Year's Event or 2010 Plans.

Happy New Years to Everyone!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Thank You for an Awesome December!!!

The month's end has tiptoed up upon us and delivered a sneak attack....

The crazy busyness of December preoccupied all of us at D&E Casino and now Christmas is 4 days away!!!!!!!!!! I have failed to complete any holiday shopping and am suddenly realizing that it is almost 2010. With more events scheduled for this week, it appears that scheduling in holiday time is somewhat analogous to a rubix cube.

I want to spend a couple sentences thanking our fabulous independent contractors, employees, and clients that have made the last month happen. Its been a wonderful coordination of efforts that has resulted in a rewarding experience for all of us. An experience that is significant this month and for many to follow.

In modern America Christmas is oftentimes reduced to a commercial charade that imposes demands of perfection and extravagant gift giving. As Christmas is traditionally a holiday of altruistic giving, we were so excited to see holiday giving in full-effect. Employers treating their employees. Families expressing their love through orchestrated events and well-thought out presents. Independent contractors surprising management with tokens of their affection. In a very fun display the CEO of Westfield Malls ( Peter Lowy ) took over the blackjack game and
entertained his employees for several minutes.

In closing D&E Casino Services would like to thank everyone once again and wish you all a Happy Holidays. May you spend it with loved ones and relish in the joy that is integral to the holiday season.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The Holidays are Here!!!!!

Halfway into the month and D&E Casino Services is in a full blown tornado of activity. we are experiencing a rapid influx of event bookings from Hanukkah celebrations, employee appreciations parties, Birthdays, Fundraisers, and a software trade-show. We are popppppinnnn! All the events have us trapsing about California--- Granada Hills one day Dana Point the following day and Ontario the next. There have been unexpected twists; such as four flights of stairs that a client failed to mention and transferred the equipment from event venues in a rainstorm. Our dedicated personnel have worked double events in one day and even pulled 24 hour days. We are so thankful for the business and find some sick enjoyment in the crazy hours and nonstop travel.

Like everyone we have holiday shopping and decorations to do, so I wanted to impart a tale that might inspire us all with a bit of yuletiede joy....

'Twas the night before Christmas.
I hit the casino.
I went there to play,
More than just Keno.
The dealers were assigned to their tables with care.
Chatting with patrons who were gambling there.
I walked to the Slots and started to Play.
I had a feeling this would be my Day
I put in my coins and gave the handle a yank.
As the coins started dropping I heard them go "Clank."
The wheels started spinning, they whirled and they glowed.
Alas! I saw three 7's, lined up in a row.
The lights started flashing, the bells all were ringing,
Out came the Jackpot with that old familiar jingling.
I reached down and scooped up all of my winnings.
I headed for the tables.. I couldn't stop grinning.
A table was open so I sat for Blackjack,
Put down money for chips and purchased a stack.
The Dealer was smiling, I was having such fun.
Drew a Jack then an Ace, I had Twenty One!
Now off to Roulette but which numbers to choose?
The way things were going I just couldn't lose.
I watched the ball spinning, it clicked and it Popped.
Right into my number, that little ball dropped.
"Thirty five to One", the dealer pushed me my chips.
Then she said, "Thanks!" for the toke that I flipped.
Then out on the floor, I heard such a clatter.
I rushed to the Craps Table, to see what was the matter.
There was this Fat Guy so lively and quick,
I thought to myself, he looks like Saint Nick.
I watched the dice as they flew from his hand.
He made his point, ever time they'd land.
"Place the six and the eight and a dollar on YO!
"He blew on the dice before letting them go.
"To some these dice are more fun than toys.
I almost forgot, hard six for the girls and the boys!"
He handled the bones so smooth and so swift.
The timing was right, to ask for a gift.
"Oh Santa please share some of your lucky charm."
He whispered to me, as he took my arm. "If you want to keep winning when rolling the dice,
Just listen to Santa and heed my advice.
""I've learned from the Experts, Scoblete, Burton, Bingham's and Wong.
The secret of winning is PRACTICE hard and long."
"You MUST use your head and this is no fable.
If your Luck starts to turn, You must leave the table"
In the Blink of an eye he was headed for the door.
I pleaded with Santa, "Please, Tell me more!"
He called back to me
as he flew out of sight.
"Every day will be Christmas.
If you learn to play the game right

Website Maintenance

Before anyone goes into cardiac arrest, I wanted to assure you all that our website is currently undergoing maintenance and that the company is up and running on turbocharged speed. There is still availability for for the upcoming week and a half before Christmas. If you are looking to diversify your event's activities, then rent a blackjack or crap table and leave your guests entertained. our full range of gaming tables include:

  • Blackjack
  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Poker and Texas Hold'em
  • Baccarat
  • Pai Gow
  • Let it Ride
  • and all other standard casino tables
We hope that everyone is enjoying their holiday and please stayposted for website updates and this weeks blog post

For Quote Requests email or call 562-9251957


Monday, November 30, 2009

Santa's workshop is in full-swing

With tomorrow comes the official start of D&E Casino's busiest month. Our workshop of event representatives are busy planning and accommodating the requests of our clients. The staff is booked and google maps is keyed, so let it snow let it let snow! JK its way too cold for that snow nonsense. We are ready to get into the holiday flow of multiple events everyday all throughout Southern California. We cannot wait to encounter the wild situations which will undoubtedly ensue. As I like to tell my family, we would be the subject of an awesome reality TV show called " Fun times at the Bingham." Thankfully our fantastic independent contractors and employees make the entire production possible. We have also managed to have some fun and post a few videos on youtube

On independent contractor deserves special attention.... With baby Chris now being over one years old, my cousin Cindy Ramirez has returned to our team of independent contractors. Everyone is very excited to have Cindy back( myself especially). Cindy began working for the company as a teenager, continued working for several years, and then went on hiatus with the birth of her children. Welcome back Cindy!

For all of those that have not yet booked your holiday event, do not despair. The world will remain on its axis! The sun will continue to shine and Oprah will never go off-air...... And furthermore, we still have some December availability. Call 562-925-1957 or email

A quick note for all readers: in order to comment on blog posts you must register for a google account and then blogger will allow you to comment at will. We appreciate all types of commentary:) If any further issues occur email
As of 12/3/09 non-registered google users can also comment on the blog:)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spotlight of Jacob Krucynski

What is a team without its component members? Without individuals a team is merely a name. At D&E Casino services each team member holds a personal significance to our owners and management. Each dealer’s personality and demeanor contributes to the overall ambience of an event. We are so thankful for the work of our independent contractors and employees. This week I am going to spotlight long-time independent contractor and friend of the company, Jacob Kruczynski.
Jacob started work with the company while attending Cal State Long Beach as a Business Major and member of the Cross Country Team. Jacob’s intelligence and exceptional work-ethic accelerated his progression within the company. He soon joined the delivery crew, craps dealer roster, and office team. When asked Ellie(co-CEO) what aided Jacob in his rapid promotion she replied “ Jacob is a quick-study and enjoys putting together the puzzle.” As the event industry is oftentimes a logistical riddle, his solution-orientated mind-frame is a great asset to the company. Jennifer (Jr. Partner) added that “Jacob possesses the flexibility necessary to succeed in this business.” Given the long hours close quarter nature of our company, Jacob also became a friend and loved-one amongst our family.
As a company we are very excited to share some recent changes in Jacob’s life, including his home-owner status and engagement to the lovely Jess. He exemplifies the American dream; that independence, success, and family are achieved with hard-work integrity.
So Thank You Jacob!

Saturday, November 14, 2009


Thanksgiving like many American holidays has been streamlined into a day spent eating large amounts of turkey, mashed potatoes, and pumpkin pie. As most Americans learn in elementary school, Thanksgiving was first celebrated to thank God for enabling Plymoth Rock pilgrims to endure a harsh Winter throught the help of Native Americans. In fact, most of the "traditional" Thanksgiving feast items were not present for the first Thanksgiving meal of 1621. Ironically the first Thanksgiving were spent fasting rather than overindulging in Autumn food staples.

Unlike Christmas and Easter, typically Thanksgiving involves no gift-giving or extravagant galas. In comparision, most individuals invest significantly less energy into Thanksgiving. I would like to encourage everyone to spend some time thinking about the most important areas of their lives. Take the intiative and find a means to express your life priorities. Feel free to tell us what you are most thankful for on the comment wall.

As I have mentioned in previous posts, D&E Casino Services prioritizes family. As a family-based company, promoting familial interests is not only innate but essential. Staff within the office and shop are all family members and family-friends. Familial staffing ensures the maintenance of company integrity and cohesion. Everyday within the office is enertaining but productive. The efficiency of deliveries and event operations, that is a product of nonverbal communication and familial understanding, is truly amazing. With that said, this Thanksgiving, I am thankful for my family and a working environment that enables me to enjoy their company in and out of the office.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Veterans Day 2009

This week on November 11th, we celebrate veterans of U.S.

Military. The trials that veterans and active military personnel

have endured are quite dissimilar from the typical american's

hardships and are deserve the utmost celebration and

commendation. While most Americans have infinite venues of

relaxation and recreation, war combatants have access to much fewer forms of release. In

comparison to the soldiers that fought in World War I, U.S. troops in Iraq and Afghanistan have

more diverse methods of accessing the comforts of home. Internet connection, satellite

cellphones, and efficient mail services enable military personnel with a means to contact loved

ones, enjoy recreational media, and receive care-packages. Regardless of the additional comforts,

fighting a war is no easy task. With that said, we here at D&E Casino are saluting those that

fought and are currently fighting for the United States of America. Thank you for all that you do!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bing cherries, otter pops, and more summer fun

As Southern California has experienced a minor heat wave within the last several weeks, we here at D&E Casino have not halted our movement in the hopes of cooling down. However we, like everyone else, have been doing our best to stay cool and enjoy the summer sun:)

Within the last several weeks, the company has serviced local events in Long Beach, Carson, San Pedro.... I personally had the opportunity to travel the long and hot trek to Palm Springs. Event preparation is accomplished by the valiant efforts of Jennifer and Ellie, who fight the heat by a variety of means. Ellie takes somewhat frequent dips in the pool or snacks on her favorite Bing cherries before tackling more phone calls and accounting. In comparison, Jennifer keeps a supply of otter pops at her arsenal. On event locations, we have been observing an increase of pool parties, maximum air conditioning, and icy-cold margaritas. My point is that parties are important to D&E Casino and Southern California, despite the temperature. So pull out your mister fan, relax, and enjoy the party!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Jackson and America's entertainment culture

Well as everyone knows Michael Jackson passed away recently and the world has entered a mourning period for one of the world's premier pop icons. I don't plan to spend this blog detailing the information that everyone has repeatedly heard on the news. However, I will examine how the world's response to Michael Jackson's death exemplifies the importance of entertainment in American culture.

Michael Jackson, like many other celebrities, is more well known among the public than most politians or national dignitaries. Unlike such officials, Jackson was a musical artist and performer that failed to pass any laws or formulate economic relief plans. Despite his legal troubles and public scandals, Jackson maintains his adored teenage idol status. Currently the nightly news details Jackson updates in long detail before other national and international headlines, which suggests that Jackson is more important to most of America.

If Jackson is indeed more important to the public, what gives him this elevated status? What above all else did/does Jackson provide for people? Entertainment. His ability to capture an audience and interest world-wide rests on his ability to entertain others onstage and offstage. Although Michael Jackson is a special case, celebrity precedence is a standard theme throughout our population and media. It seems that the public places a greater importance on entertainment and recreation. Relaxation and amusement are at the forefront of most Americans' expenditures and priorities.

So at this point you may be wondering what in the heck does this analyzation have to do with D&E Casino? Everything! Entertainment and recreation is the name of our game here. It's the essence of our being, the motivation, and driving force of our operations. We don't trudge through 405 traffic, trek to North Los Angeles, and battle storms/earthquakes for the sake of finding uncomfortable situations. Our company provides entertainemnt services, because we recognize the importance and neccesity for diversion among Southern Californian citizens. So embrace your needs and priorites and watch Harry Potter, listen to thriller, or throw a casino party. Most of all have some fun!!!!!!!

Monday, June 15, 2009

A celebration of fathers

Happy early Fathers Day!

This Sunday is dedicated to those special men in our lives that contributed half of our DNA. Accordingly, I would like to spend this week’s post celebrating Dan Bing ham, the man responsible for one half of D&E Casino’s genetic makeup.

As I have mentioned before D&E Casino is a family company, owned and operated by Dan and Ellie Bing ham. While Ellie and Jennifer run the office, Dan is what I call the “loadmaster.” He organizes the shop and ensures that every piece of casino equipment is artfully squeezed into every crevice of the truck, and delivered to event location. In addition to preparing trucks for delivery, Dan has handcrafted every piece of gaming equipment. When I was a child I remember sitting on a crap table to weigh it down, as my father made adjustments to its construction. His work requires substantial skill and hard-work, which is indispensable to the company.

Besides skillful loading, Dan is a meticulous delivery coordinator. He will accept nothing less than a perfectly symmetrical set-up. Years of experience enable him to evaluate the event space and position games in a manner that allow for optimal presentation and guest enjoyment.

Yay for fathers! This weekend, enliven the traditional bbq, and celebrate yours with a casino party.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

For Margaret Johnston

First off, I would like to apologize for the lack of posting for the last two weeks. Unfortunately my heart has been tied up as my grandmother lived her last two weeks. My grandmother, Margaret Johnston, was diagnosed with breast cancer which eventually metastasized and caused her death. Cancer is a terrible plague that wreaks havoc on the American and world population. As a company and a family, we encourage everyone to educated themselves about the symptoms and risk factors related to cancer. Although people can be genetically predisposed to cancer, the onset of cancer is most typically linked to environmental and behavioral patterns. So my message this week: take responsibility for your actions.

Monday, May 18, 2009

The lovely Jennifer!

Hello Hello!

This week’s blog post is going to be dedicated to D&E Casino’s very own Jennifer Bingham. Besides being my sister, Jennifer is one of the company’s foremost chargers. She ensures that events are staffed, marketing campaigns are circulated, and most importantly that lunch is delicious and prompt. Jen is awesome at everything she does and she is especially talented at pulling off last-minute events; calling dealers, coordinating with clients, and even loading trucks. She does whatever she needs to do to make an event happen. Part of D&E’s quality assurance is a reflection of Jen’s constant motivation and push for excellent results. Jen never really leaves the job, even during our celebrated lunch hour; her blackberry is out as she responds to emails and maintains D&E’s trademark rapid response time. So, next time you request a quote and it fires back within five minutes, thank Jen, because without her it would not be possible.
Here is to you Jen!

Monday, May 11, 2009

How to sound knowledgable at your casino party


Its heating up in SoCal, which means global warming is getting worse and we are doomed to a human barbeque???? Ok scratch that, more likely summer barbecue season is quickly approaching. So what are the fundamentals of a good barbecue?

1) Food

2) Drinks

3) Pool

4) Entertainment

I'm afraid its true, people get bored without some form of extra entertainment. That is why D&E Casino Services always experiences a significant increase in business around this time. The next question, what if my guests don't usually play casino games? The answer: teaching the games is half of our dealers jobs. Even daunting games like craps and let-it ride are easily mastered with the help of our friendly and fun dealers. Looking to get a head-start before the party? Done! Here is a list of commonly used casino jargon:

  • Bones: Another term for dice
  • Color up: Trading in smaller denomination chips for larger value chips, usually when ending a session at a table
  • Deuce: In dice, a pair of ones, also known as "snake eyes."
  • First base: In poker, first base is the player on the far left of the dealer. This player is the first to receive cards as they're dealt
  • Hard Hand - In blackjack, any hand that does not contain an Ace valued at 11
  • Hit: Taking another card in blackjack, as in "Hit me."
  • Let it ride: Letting the winnings on a bet roll over to the next bet. See also "pressing a bet."
  • Natural - In blackjack, a natural is a two-card hand of twenty-one points. In baccarat a natural is a two-card total of eight, or nine.
  • Paint: A face card
  • Pocket Cards - In poker where some of the player's cards are dealt to them face down. These cards are called pocket cards
  • Push - A tie hand between a dealer and a player. A round of play where neither the player nor the casino wins
  • River - In poker, the final card dealt in a hand of stud or hold‘em. In seven-card stud, staying in until the fifth and final round of betting is called going to the river
  • Third base: In blackjack, the player sitting just to the dealer's right. This player is considered important on the table because they are the last to play before the dealer plays their hand.
  • Whale - A player who makes extremely large wagers. Unlike high rollers who consistently wager $100 or more per round, whales are typically those who make wagers amounting to thousands if not tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars per round.
Hope that helps impress your friends and family. Until next Monday, have a lucky day!

Monday, May 4, 2009

New ventures in the gaming realm...

After this weekend's events in Santa Monica and Newport Beach, I have exciting news about new gaming ventures!!!!!!!!!!!

In any business, flexibility is a key to succesfully evolve with the market. So everyone that works for D&E Casino is required to attend weekly yoga class where our resident instructor, Flower, pushes us all to bend and twist... Whoops, compulsory yoga class might be one of my personal fantasies....... So perhaps our blackjack and craps dealers are not well practiced at feathered peacock or one-legged king pigeon pose, however we are all quite situationally limber. For instance, this past weekend a client wanted arcade and casino games. Jennifer, one of the women behind our company's magic, stretched her imagination and orgazational skills to obtain the most popular video games. Then seven of our dealers bended outside of their familarity-zone and were trained to assist guests in their video-game entertainment. After their positive reception this saturday, arcade games and attendants are now part D&E Casino's standard services

Kevin giving "Rush" a go

The always popular " Rockband"

Blackjack dealer, Mike, manning "Alpine Racer"

Kelly working his magic at skeeball

Although adaption and flexibility are integral to company evolution, maintaining fundamental business philosphy is just as important. The familial-focus of D&E Casino, is one such philosphy that will never change. Since the company's begining. Ellie and Dan made sure their daughters contruibuted to the operation. I can remember sitting in the shop as Dan, my father, made crap-table repairs. To this day, we love to work an event as a family and provide the awesome entertainment.

Family-time :)

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our 18th anniversary!!!!!!!!!!

I super excited to announce the company's 18th year anniversary. Given the current economy and typical success-rate for small companies, it is quite momentous to celebrate the company's stability and arrival into 2009. Coincidentally the D&E Casino's founders and co-CEOs commemorated their 25th wedding anniversary. A 25 year marriage is noteworthy in today's society by itself, but add in a full-time business venture for 18 of those years and you move into Guinness world record territory. So congrats to Dan, Ellie, Jennifer, and all the independent contractors that make it happen!

This last weekend, our company had fun time providing entertainment for three local fundraisers; 2 were located in Long Beach, Lakewood and Santa Fe Springs. Monte Carlo fundraisers and poker tournaments provide an awesome way for non-profit groups to encourage guests to donate resources, while providing donors an exciting evening in return. Typically guests buy a general admission ticket that includes an initial amount of casino play-money. Donors use the play-money at their favorite games and buy additional vouchers as the event progresses. Our fundraiser clients can raise a substantial amount of funds by creating the Las Vegas atmosphere encouraging guests to purchase additional casino-play vouchers.

Check out the pics from the Lakewood event:)

1)Dealer John and Guests 2)Your very own blogger :) 3)Lawrence dealing Texas Hold'em

Positve blog reception

After a recent email announcing our new blog we recieved many encouraging replies:

Super idea - the blog. I am looking forward to reading the next installment (Part Two).

Hi Everyone:
Nice to hear from you and thank you for thinking of us. I will check it out. We are still around if you ever need us (but unfortunately right now it would have to be around here because my car is taking a dive and I do not have funds to get new one at the moment) Thanks and take care.

Hello Binghams - Totally enjoy your blog.. thanks for sharing! =) I added the link to my delicous site so I will check back often for updates! Great job!

The office is excited to see these responses and the others that came in yesterday. Thanks so much and feel free to leave comments whenever you get a chance.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The company's birth story

Today I want to share the story of D&E Casino’s birth. When that fateful day came, Ellie began having contractions early in the morning and immediately rushed to the hospital where she……..
Ok so maybe the company’s beginning didn’t occur in the neonatal unit, but it can be traced back to a Nordstrom’s fragrance fair in 1991. Ellie Bing ham, our wonderful Co-CEO and my mother,was at Nordstroms, sampling various fragrances and noticed a hysterical woman amidst a pile of wood and green felt. Being a caring person, Ellie approached the woman and inquired into the problem. The crying woman informed Ellie that a casino rental company had left the equipment unassembled and failed to provide the promised dealers. Ellie and her husband Dan frequently hosted card parties, so Ellie offered to deal during the evening’s event. Later at home, Ellie spoke with Dan and presented him with an idea. The idea was a big one, the husband-wife team would build, rent, and deal their own casino games. They started small, one blackjack table, and gradually expanded the operation to its present size, 100 tables and 140 dealers! Despite substantial business evolution, D&E Casino maintains its fundamentally familial-vibe and honest commitment to entertainment. In the posts to follow, I will provide a more detailed look at our dealers, staff, and clients. Until then……. Have a lucky day!