Monday, July 6, 2009

Michael Jackson and America's entertainment culture

Well as everyone knows Michael Jackson passed away recently and the world has entered a mourning period for one of the world's premier pop icons. I don't plan to spend this blog detailing the information that everyone has repeatedly heard on the news. However, I will examine how the world's response to Michael Jackson's death exemplifies the importance of entertainment in American culture.

Michael Jackson, like many other celebrities, is more well known among the public than most politians or national dignitaries. Unlike such officials, Jackson was a musical artist and performer that failed to pass any laws or formulate economic relief plans. Despite his legal troubles and public scandals, Jackson maintains his adored teenage idol status. Currently the nightly news details Jackson updates in long detail before other national and international headlines, which suggests that Jackson is more important to most of America.

If Jackson is indeed more important to the public, what gives him this elevated status? What above all else did/does Jackson provide for people? Entertainment. His ability to capture an audience and interest world-wide rests on his ability to entertain others onstage and offstage. Although Michael Jackson is a special case, celebrity precedence is a standard theme throughout our population and media. It seems that the public places a greater importance on entertainment and recreation. Relaxation and amusement are at the forefront of most Americans' expenditures and priorities.

So at this point you may be wondering what in the heck does this analyzation have to do with D&E Casino? Everything! Entertainment and recreation is the name of our game here. It's the essence of our being, the motivation, and driving force of our operations. We don't trudge through 405 traffic, trek to North Los Angeles, and battle storms/earthquakes for the sake of finding uncomfortable situations. Our company provides entertainemnt services, because we recognize the importance and neccesity for diversion among Southern Californian citizens. So embrace your needs and priorites and watch Harry Potter, listen to thriller, or throw a casino party. Most of all have some fun!!!!!!!

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