Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Bing cherries, otter pops, and more summer fun

As Southern California has experienced a minor heat wave within the last several weeks, we here at D&E Casino have not halted our movement in the hopes of cooling down. However we, like everyone else, have been doing our best to stay cool and enjoy the summer sun:)

Within the last several weeks, the company has serviced local events in Long Beach, Carson, San Pedro.... I personally had the opportunity to travel the long and hot trek to Palm Springs. Event preparation is accomplished by the valiant efforts of Jennifer and Ellie, who fight the heat by a variety of means. Ellie takes somewhat frequent dips in the pool or snacks on her favorite Bing cherries before tackling more phone calls and accounting. In comparison, Jennifer keeps a supply of otter pops at her arsenal. On event locations, we have been observing an increase of pool parties, maximum air conditioning, and icy-cold margaritas. My point is that parties are important to D&E Casino and Southern California, despite the temperature. So pull out your mister fan, relax, and enjoy the party!

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