Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Spotlight of Jacob Krucynski

What is a team without its component members? Without individuals a team is merely a name. At D&E Casino services each team member holds a personal significance to our owners and management. Each dealer’s personality and demeanor contributes to the overall ambience of an event. We are so thankful for the work of our independent contractors and employees. This week I am going to spotlight long-time independent contractor and friend of the company, Jacob Kruczynski.
Jacob started work with the company while attending Cal State Long Beach as a Business Major and member of the Cross Country Team. Jacob’s intelligence and exceptional work-ethic accelerated his progression within the company. He soon joined the delivery crew, craps dealer roster, and office team. When asked Ellie(co-CEO) what aided Jacob in his rapid promotion she replied “ Jacob is a quick-study and enjoys putting together the puzzle.” As the event industry is oftentimes a logistical riddle, his solution-orientated mind-frame is a great asset to the company. Jennifer (Jr. Partner) added that “Jacob possesses the flexibility necessary to succeed in this business.” Given the long hours close quarter nature of our company, Jacob also became a friend and loved-one amongst our family.
As a company we are very excited to share some recent changes in Jacob’s life, including his home-owner status and engagement to the lovely Jess. He exemplifies the American dream; that independence, success, and family are achieved with hard-work integrity.
So Thank You Jacob!

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