Monday, November 30, 2009

Santa's workshop is in full-swing

With tomorrow comes the official start of D&E Casino's busiest month. Our workshop of event representatives are busy planning and accommodating the requests of our clients. The staff is booked and google maps is keyed, so let it snow let it let snow! JK its way too cold for that snow nonsense. We are ready to get into the holiday flow of multiple events everyday all throughout Southern California. We cannot wait to encounter the wild situations which will undoubtedly ensue. As I like to tell my family, we would be the subject of an awesome reality TV show called " Fun times at the Bingham." Thankfully our fantastic independent contractors and employees make the entire production possible. We have also managed to have some fun and post a few videos on youtube

On independent contractor deserves special attention.... With baby Chris now being over one years old, my cousin Cindy Ramirez has returned to our team of independent contractors. Everyone is very excited to have Cindy back( myself especially). Cindy began working for the company as a teenager, continued working for several years, and then went on hiatus with the birth of her children. Welcome back Cindy!

For all of those that have not yet booked your holiday event, do not despair. The world will remain on its axis! The sun will continue to shine and Oprah will never go off-air...... And furthermore, we still have some December availability. Call 562-925-1957 or email

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