Monday, May 4, 2009

New ventures in the gaming realm...

After this weekend's events in Santa Monica and Newport Beach, I have exciting news about new gaming ventures!!!!!!!!!!!

In any business, flexibility is a key to succesfully evolve with the market. So everyone that works for D&E Casino is required to attend weekly yoga class where our resident instructor, Flower, pushes us all to bend and twist... Whoops, compulsory yoga class might be one of my personal fantasies....... So perhaps our blackjack and craps dealers are not well practiced at feathered peacock or one-legged king pigeon pose, however we are all quite situationally limber. For instance, this past weekend a client wanted arcade and casino games. Jennifer, one of the women behind our company's magic, stretched her imagination and orgazational skills to obtain the most popular video games. Then seven of our dealers bended outside of their familarity-zone and were trained to assist guests in their video-game entertainment. After their positive reception this saturday, arcade games and attendants are now part D&E Casino's standard services

Kevin giving "Rush" a go

The always popular " Rockband"

Blackjack dealer, Mike, manning "Alpine Racer"

Kelly working his magic at skeeball

Although adaption and flexibility are integral to company evolution, maintaining fundamental business philosphy is just as important. The familial-focus of D&E Casino, is one such philosphy that will never change. Since the company's begining. Ellie and Dan made sure their daughters contruibuted to the operation. I can remember sitting in the shop as Dan, my father, made crap-table repairs. To this day, we love to work an event as a family and provide the awesome entertainment.

Family-time :)

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