Monday, May 18, 2009

The lovely Jennifer!

Hello Hello!

This week’s blog post is going to be dedicated to D&E Casino’s very own Jennifer Bingham. Besides being my sister, Jennifer is one of the company’s foremost chargers. She ensures that events are staffed, marketing campaigns are circulated, and most importantly that lunch is delicious and prompt. Jen is awesome at everything she does and she is especially talented at pulling off last-minute events; calling dealers, coordinating with clients, and even loading trucks. She does whatever she needs to do to make an event happen. Part of D&E’s quality assurance is a reflection of Jen’s constant motivation and push for excellent results. Jen never really leaves the job, even during our celebrated lunch hour; her blackberry is out as she responds to emails and maintains D&E’s trademark rapid response time. So, next time you request a quote and it fires back within five minutes, thank Jen, because without her it would not be possible.
Here is to you Jen!

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