Monday, December 28, 2009

Spotlight on 2009 and New Year's Eve Cocktail Party Menu

Over the course of 2009, the USA and the remainder of the world experienced a plethora of interesting events. The most notable year trend, which affected most everyone, was the economic recession that swept over businesses( small to huge) and individuals( poor to wealthy). The recession has significantly impacted the the lifestyle choices of all Americans. Not only has American consumerism culture suffered, but our ability to fulfill basic needs was complicated. Before you stop reading and think to yourself " well duh of course the economy sucks," I want to comment on some novel significance of the past year's events.....

In my opinion, the economic turmoil of the last year, provided the impetus, which invigorated American creativity. All forms of business-people found themselves in need of innovative strategies of securing and maintaining business. Social Media experienced a huge influx of business-users, who realized that the benefit of imparting potential customers with detailed glimpse of their products and company. The general public discovered the utility of social-networking sites in job-searches and service/product selection. The very same social media sites( Facebook, blogger, twitter, ect) provided Americans with an economical means of communication and socialization. D&E Casino, like other Americans, began our social media during 2009. We our quite pleased with development of a blog, Facebook, and Myspace presence. We hope that all of our customers, independent contractors, and employees have enjoyed learning about our company foundations and activities.

New Year's Eve and the classical ball-dropping cocktail parties will occur within the next week! Of course the biggest party takes place in Las Vegas, where brings thousands of Americans to blackjack and roulette games. For those that will not travel to Nevada, D&E Casino can create the same Vegas experience in your living-room. With the entertainment covered the last details to handle are the food and cocktails.....

As a cooking and entertaining aficionado, I am really excited to reveal a New Beginnings Cocktail Party Menu. In many cultures, New Years celebrations are meant to bring good luck and new-life/trends, I chose a multicultural array of Hors D'oeuvres that emphasizes good health and fresh exciting flavors enjoy!

Cultural Influence

Middle Eastern- Babaganoush with whole-wheat pita bread

American- Whole-Wheat Chocolate Cupcakes

Leave us a comment about your New Year's Event or 2010 Plans.

Happy New Years to Everyone!

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  1. The following comments came from December clients:


    I wanted to let you know that our holiday party was a blast. The casino theme went over better than we ever expected. Your crew was wonderful and Holly was an incredible asset.

    Happy Holidays and thank you once again!

    Dyan Ulman
    Fraiser Communications

    Hi Dan & Ellie:

    Thank you you. Hope you had a safe and Happy Holiday. HAPPY NEW YEARS too!

    Penny & Don

    D & E Casino,

    I wish to extend my heartfelt wishes of Happy Holidays to you and yours

    Terry H. DeMoure
    Designed Metal Connections