Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Connections connections. Ways to connect with D&E Casino Services

Well Folks, the social media marathon continues. I recently discovered a new social media platform called Pinterest. Ok, maybe I am behind the times in this late discovery.. but oh my, I am now obsessed. What a great way to organize your thoughts, find new products or services, and develop a portfolio of online interests. Given this new obsession, I started thinking about the importance of social media from a busness perspective and a personal perspective, At this point, businesses are obsolete without a social media presence. The same way that individuals organize their social calendar and explore new avenues, businesses use social media to announce special events and connect with new business partners or consumers. The expanded oppurtunities that social media can provide are really quite brillant. Flex your social media(SM) power and explore some new SM platforms!  Check out the ways you can connect with D&E casino through SM.

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