Tuesday, March 13, 2012

St. Patty's Day! A collection of party ideas....

Ahoy there readers!

As I announced to my boyfriend Saturday, my Irish descent indicates that I must celebrate St. Patty's Day. He retorted by questioning what percentage of my bloodline is Irish......Well maybe 10% ??????

Nonetheless! This Saturday is St. Patty's Day and I feel quite inclined to partake in the festivities.

Assumabley you all will celebrate the day also. Perhaps at an Irish pub or restaurant? Here is an idea: A St. Patrick's Day Party!!!

FYI Traditional Garb is not required. 
An Irish-inspired party is more than easy to pull off, just simply add green! Ok, just kidding.... Well sort of ;)

First up folks, lets think about decor. Perhaps rainbow accents?

Pot of gold party favors?

Fill a terracotta pot with gold-wrapped chocolate or candies, next bend multi-colored pipecleaners into a dome shape and position inside the pot for a fun rainbow.
For your Irish menu, think potatoes, corned beef and hash, with Irish soda bread!




The final step ladies and gentlemen is the dessert...for which I suggest.. THE GREEN FACTOR!!!!

Ooooooookeeeeeeeey :) Maybe one more component...

Enjoy my party ideas AND your weekend playtime!!!!

Your blogger,


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