Thursday, April 5, 2012

EB is in the House!

Hello hello lovely readers!

  This week brings exciting tidings.... Easter!!! Aka EB( Easter Bunny) Day!!!

   EB is not who you think who she/he might be.. In fact EB has no fur, no large obtrusive ears... but! she does have an incredible lovable heart and fills the role of D&E Casino's Co-CEO and my family's personal Easter bunny.

Soooo this year, I want to share the D&E Casino Family Celebration.

Easter Brunch

Also in store is EB's special recipe fudge!!!! 

I have a feeling we are in for a good celebration :) 

Hoping that everyone else enjoys their Easter celebration. We would love to hear about your dinner/brunch/travel plans!!!

Also! We are available for events all Easter Weekend.. So! Give us a call @ 1 888.417.2121 or email

Happy Easter from your blogger!!!

-Holly Bingham-

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