Monday, April 19, 2010

19th Anniversary!

Hello Readers!!!!

Today's post is especially exciting. This week D&E Casino Services celebrates its 19th anniversary.

Wow! Its unbelievable to me as the owners' daughter to process the company history is now 19 years long. I can honestly remember the very first events and major company expansions. Its amazing to think that our stock of table games has evolved from one blackjack table to 100 GAMES! From a dealing staff of a select family and friends, our roster now includes 140 dealers.

Logistically the company has dramatically changed. One of the largest factors that facilitated D&E Casino Service's current state is the internet. With the wide-availability of internet-use, D&E Casino was able to reach a large population of folks, who had no idea recreational casino gaming existed. Second most important input to the company's evolution occurred when my sister, Jennifer Bingham, stepped into full-time management with the company. Jen brought a fresh vision and stubborn refusal to compromise, which intersected my parents' same stubbornness, to produce a healthy flow of ideas and innovative business directions.

So, yes the breadth of D&E casino is far different than 19 years again, but no the basic direction and purpose has never altered. When it comes down to it, we are a family owned and operated production that values wellllllll, fun! Events are business, however our point is to put on a good party. And a good party is what we bring. Although, we arte now 140 independent contractors strong, many dealers began as or friends/family or quickly became so. We embrace our team and clients and treat them like our own. This familial attitude is an cornerstone of the company and it will never be compromised.

So cheers to D&E Casino Services and all those individuals that have aided in our progression and current success !!!!!!!!!!

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