Monday, July 26, 2010

Small Business Spotlight:

This past Sunday, D&E Casino Services was lucky enough to have the opportunity to provide entertainment at a 82nd Birthday party. Co-founder of Lynda Weiman, requested a patient and compassionate dealer, for her father's poker-themed birthday celebration. One of our favorite poker dealers, Evan Davis, was an easy choice for the gig and was well-received by party-goers and the hostess. Obviously party-success is of vital importance, yet this blog is dedicated to the hostess, Lynda Weiman.

Along with her husband, Lynda Weiman is the co-founder of, which specializes in software-training. offers consumers a chance to master the technology that has remained elusive and past their comprehension. The site boasts a comprehensive breadth of products; which include applications such as graphic design, data analysis, and blogging...... Hmm perhaps i should take a course! Give the pervasive integration of technology into our society, it is imperative to understand and even excel at certain software applications.

Besides offering a relevant service at a reasonable price and convenient location, resonates with my emotional being. Similar to D&E Casino, was founded by a husband and wife team and provides service to a niche-market. I think it is so exciting to interact with a set of successful small-business owners that initially took a great risk in targeting a category-specific market, which has expanded to include most of society. True innovation in society does not arrive without risk, thus I personally hold great admiration for entrepreneurs. Individuals, such as Lynda Weiman, function as blood pressure in our world. they provide the force to pump blood which maintain and develops vitality.
This week I hope everyone will consider a means which will create pressure and movement in their life and in the remainder of society.     


  1. Evan was a fantastic dealer, and my Dad's 86th birthday was a blast. He has had a stroke, and is compromised but LOVES poker. He even won a tourney - pretty fun. Thanks D&E for the nice plug to us - we appreciate all you do! -Lynda

    1. Sorry Lynda for your Dad lost. I hope had an amazing time with the family. He is in Heaven smiling down on us.