Monday, January 24, 2011

The meaning of life....more specifically parties

Hello gaming fans! I am back for round two with our new and improved blog. Here we are amidst summer in January??? Good times!!! For all of those less unfortunate living in another state.. well I am sorry and I hope you can relocate soon.

On to other news, the craziness of holiday rushing and galas is calming down and parties are back to relaxed affairs that allow us to breathe and really enjoy the company of others. Maybe this is just me, but I find that the holidays can be rather exhausting with the dashing to and fro-- while looking for gifts-- traveling to family and work engagements. After a while, all of the hectic activities become too much!

My worry is that the madness of the holidays can both distract from and devalue the beauty of having of those we love nearby and... having a good time! No ifs ands or buts about it, but merriment is one of my greatest passions, which i am certain many a folk share.

So my mission for all those lovers of merriment and those that are a tad bit frightened of the concept:
Find a way to have pure fun this week!
Get out there and have fun for you. A party is about experiencing an enjoyable time with those that you love and here is the important part: Re CREATING you. Use this merriment as time for rejuvenation and refreshment. Go from your usual humdrum existence into something velvet or perhaps violently fizzy. Whatever suits your fancy, go for it!!!! Embrace it do it and report back with your discoveries feedback or whatever it is that you encounter. Hmmmmm let me restate, so long as it is appropriate for general reading. Ok readers, we are waiting :)


  1. Your information was really a help. I was looking for this only. Keep it up buddy. Thanks for sharing it with us and keep posting all the good stuffs.

    1. thank you were glad we are of service to you...thank you for reading our blog