Monday, January 17, 2011

We're Baaaaaaaack!

Dear Readers,

Following a year hiatus in the dark warehouse of a Luggage company, your resident blogger and my daughter Holly Bingham is back in action! I am happy to announce that D&E Casino’s Blog will now be posted on a weekly basis! Get ready for gaming insight, event spotlights, plus generally fabulous updates and news-flashes in the world of D&E Casino.  Thank you for your patience and continued monitoring of our blog.

In Gratitude,

 Ellie Bingham
 Senior Partner and Co-CEO of D&E Casino Services

Hello All! So glad to be back in the blogging-sphere. Following a long year of dragon slaying adn warlock vanquishing. Whoops! My bad that was the year before..So in all reality, following the first year of my exhausting corporate writing-position, I have decided that my creative energies are falling to waste.There cannot be a  better means of utilizing them then to lend a portal into the world of D&E Casino Services.

D&E Casino Services... Good ole D&E :) Given that i witnessed the company’s birth and explosion into success, I feel a tad bit partial to its  fate and the individuals that are encompassed in its operations. Its my pleasure to provide you, my lovely follower, a closer look at the foundation and intricacies  of a niche-market business that is oftentime an allusive concept to people thathave no background in the entertainment or casino word.  So here we are world!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes, a Casino- Rental- Business. Meaning all the table games that are any full-functioning casino can come to your living room, favorite restaurant, or bathroom?????? Whatever’s clever right!..... The company provides casino gaming tables of the same quality and look of Vegas and Pachanga, plus well-trained dealing staff that cater to your guests and ensure that they have a stellar evening. Well that's enough for now my dear people, my attendance at an art gallery opening is required and I shan’t be late!

Au revoir for now my lovelies!   

Holly Bingham
Blogging Ninja and Enthusiast    


  1. So glad that your back in action my dear! I have missed reading your posts.......hopefully I can be the highlight of a post soon :)

    1. Thank you Jennifer for being our loyal reader...