Monday, February 14, 2011

Elimination Blackjack.. Tournament Style Blackjack

HELLO READERS!!!! And no I am not an Animaniac….. However, I do have a fun topic for us this week: Blackjack Tourneys or Elimination blackjack.

Similar to a Texas Hold’em Tournament, Elimination Blackjack events result in one discernable winner who is designated from the original player-pool. Players are subtracted from the competition via elimination rounds and other rules of engagement.

One round of Elimination Blackjack consists in thirty blackjack hands. Each player begins the tourney with a designated number of chips. Every organization may have their own specific rules, but they following represent the most common rules:

The house must hit on soft 17 and anything below, and must stay on hard 17 and anything above.

Excepting aces, A player may split pairs up to four times.

The game is dealt from a 6-deck shoe.

Surrender is allowed: one half of their original bet can be recovered following the abandonment of one’s hand

When the house shows an ace, players have an opportunity to buy insurance.

Hands greater than two cards cannot be doubled down on

Each player must act on their hand within forty-five seconds.

Soooo the next question: How is one eliminated from play:

1. Losing all of their chips/cheddar/dough/benjis

2. Lack funds to make a minimum bet

3. On designated “elimination” hands, possessing the least amount of chips in comparison to fellow players

On a more obvious note the last player remaining is the tourney winner. Fun stuff!!!

Already widely organized in Vegas, Elimination Blackjack is gaining popularity for private parties. Unlike the sometimes daunting texas hold’em games, Blackjack is accessible to people from a larger range of ages, personalities, and backgrounds.

Anywhooos, check it out and holler at us with any personal tourney experiences.

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