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St. Patty's Day Breakdown!

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Approaching quickly is the every Irish gal’s ( me included) favorite holiday... St. Patrick’s Day!!!

Scene from movie Leprachaun 3 ( featuring one D&E's crap tables  

St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally a Catholic holiday which celebrates Ireland’s patron saint, St. Patrick. St. Patrick is said to have escaped slavery in Ireland with the word of God, which he then studied in Britain. Later he returned to Ireland and utilized the shamrock as a visual aid to instruct those of “pagan” religion on the holy trinity. In modern times, the holiday has progressed into something of a more secular nature. Most folks align St. Patrick’s Day with Leprechauns bringing good luck and the subsequent discovery of pots of gold. For others March 17th is the day to hit the local Irish Pub and drink some good Guinness and Potatoes.

My first thought, why restrict fabulous Irish beer and some hearty potatoes to select days of the year. Secondly, the correlation that is drawn between the Irish and Luck, is noteworthy and deserves some closer attention. There are several contributors to the popular conception of the Irish:

The national symbol of Ireland, the Shamrock, is oftentimes mistaken for the good luck clover that is found any standard deck of cards.

Irish mythological creature, the leprechaun, are attributed with the power of granting 3 wishes to any human carries out a successful capture

Historically the Irish have been exploited and colonized and maybe quite unlucky

In California, many Irish were very successful in gold and silver mining, and were consequently associated with luck

See the connection to Leprechauns and Pots of Gold!

Well that is just a tidbit of history in-hand, I hope that you enjoy the holiday and start planning how celebrate this day now. Let us know what your favorite St. Patrick’s Day activities are here or on Facebook.

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