Monday, March 14, 2011

Devastation in Japan: A way to help

I am back form the chilly chilly chilly Chicago! Unfortunately this post is notregarding cheery subject matter.

As everyone is now aware, Japan was hit by a 8.9 magnitude earthquake that has resulted in the loss of life and displacement of thousands. In addition, nuclear contamination may ensue following the hydrogen explosion at at a nuclear power plant. The situation is currently bleak and international efforts are attempting to alleviate and repair damages.

While the damages are currently beyond comprehension, it is not impossible or futile to provide assistance. I would like to share a charity-drive that D&E Casino is hosting in conjunction with St. Cyprian Church of Lakewood. We will be accepting donations and help to provide the Japanese children with a small comfort amidst the chaos, Easter baskets. Please call 562-925-1957 or email to discuss your monetary or product donations for the baskets. St. Cyprian's will locate the appropriate channels for overseas distribution. We welcome any suggestions or comments on this regard and look forward to your responses.

We are sending our love and thoughts to those effected by this devastating natural disaster. Please take the time to appreciate the simple graces that your are currently enjoying and a few ways that you can help those that are currently suffering.

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  1. We should all pull together to help one another.