Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring is sprung!

Attention Readers! The first day of spring is approaching!

March 20th will mark the commencement of spring and from historical precedence the celebration of new life and beginnings. Not only is spring marked with birth and harvest, but the re-birth of oneself is just as notable.

So let’s recreate people! In conjunction with the change of seasons, the slightly chaotic happenings of our current world, makes re-innovation extremely relevant.  The strife in the middle-east and tsunami aftermath are clear indicators that change is needed in several long-established societal systems. While broad societal changes are seemingly intangible, evolution in our business and personal realms are quite attainable.   Modifying oneself and regular activities is scary, exciting, and the source self-realization Furthermore, individual altercations build into those intangible societal revolutions.

D&E Casino has begun with small steps to protect our environment from further environmental waste. We are transitioning into a green workplace; including recycled paper, biodegradable chemical products, and conservation of energy-use. It is our hope that more businesses and households will join the growing trend towards sustainable lifestyle and eventually set a environmentally-kind standard. All of us can find reasonable means to contribute to the improvement of our world and personal lives. So step up, look for the problems, find a small solution, and go for it. Capture the season and capture your life.

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