Monday, February 27, 2012

How to request fundraiser donations

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  Wowzers! The month of February is close to its end... Its crazy really.. March 2012? Madness right! As I sit typing it is pouring one of this season's few rainstorms. So what came mind this cold rainy winter's night? Soup or maybe a good movie? No, my friends.. Fundraisers!

  Spring has classically been a popular time for charitable fundraisers in the casino industry.. and with Spring a mere 22 days away, I think its perfect timing for a fundraiser primer.
  The basic rundown of a casino fundraiser is as follows:

  1. Committee decides on a casino fundraiser
    1. Book D&E Casino ;) 
    2. Book your venue
    3. Begin marketing your event
  2. Guest buy tickets to event
  3. Day of the event
    1. Hosts provide basic food and drink. Alcoholic beverages are frequently extra. 
    2. Casino tables are hyped up throughout event with play money specials and one-time table prizes. 
    3. Gaming is accompanied with dancing or other recreational activity. 
    4. Guests exchange remaining chips for raffle tickets, which are put into a prize-drawing.  

 One of the important motivators for your attendees are the raffle prizes that are given out at the end of table gaming. Thus it is IMPERATIVE that you as a host focus on obtaining GREAT prizes. So how to secure absolutely fantabulous prizes? There several methods. The first method involves recruiting from your personal network. Make a list of your friends/family that own businesses. Approach those most familiar individuals first; they are more likely to really contribute to your cause. Another source to approach are local businesses that are related or involved in your charity.

 Remember that business owners want to give back to the community.

Not only are donations tax deductible, but consumers favor those businesses that take an active investment in their well-being. 

The final method, cold-calling, is less-favorable but can still produce great results. Its all about the presentation here!!! So write a letter with the following components:

  • A brief summary of the upcoming event
  • Number of event attendees
  • Amount of funds raised last year
  • The end-goal or purpose for the money raised
Feel free to mail your letters, but for the best results, present your letters in person. Plan ahead and find out when the business-owner is in-office. Keep a smile and remember why you need their donations.  

Well, folks I hope that helps!!!! Send us any questions on getting your fundraiser off the ground. 

Stay Dry!!!! 
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